Do conditional glyphs work in Adobe?

Fernando DíazFernando Díaz Posts: 127
edited July 2020 in Font Technology

I'm designing a variable font in FL7 and need some conditional glyphs. I've followed this tutorial:

It works perfectly on FontLab but when I install the font and try it on illustrator it doesn't work.

May be is not yet available in Adobe. I have the latest CC software.

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  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,060
    I designed the conditional dollar sign in the font used in that demo. I can attest the conditional glyph swapping works fine in the latest version of Illustrator. I just tested it again to be sure.

    Is it possible you have some font caching problem, and are getting an older version of the font showing up in Illustrator? (Try also adding some additional entirely new glyph and make sure that is available, then you can know for sure.)
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