Napoleon – the grandfather of smileys? (a 1881 find)

– just sharing this, in case you like it, too:

This and that.

– A neat composer’s pleasantry is to be found in the Austrian Printer’s Gazette, where it is emphasised that the recently introduced setting rules bending machines make it possible to easily create fancy imagery out of the general unwieldy rule stock. We present the pleasantry here and leave it to the imagination of composers to further explore more combining options.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
from a German newspaper, 1881.


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    One nation's victory is another's tragedy. (z]х-о-((((=''
    I can't find a certain caricature on the subject from one of our authors. It depicts Napoleon shouting at Hitler: "You German s-, you wanted to take my glory and instead disgraced me for the second time!!"

    So, instead, another caricature from the same painter:

    "If I can't have you (Europe), no one will!" (1944)
    This piece was done while under bombardment, AFAIK. Luckily the scale, if not the insanity of war has somewhat subsided since then and we don't have to worry about it in our daily jobs. :)

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