How oversampling rate affects how smooth anti-aliasing is

The higher the oversampling rate, the smoother the anti-aliasing is.
1×1 oversampling (no anti-aliasing):
2×2 oversampling (one of the earliest forms of anti-aliasing):
4×4 oversampling (used in classic GDI):


  • Can this be set somewhere? 
  • Can this be set somewhere? 
    In Microsoft Windows, when ClearType is enabled it is 6×1 oversampling (some but not all versions of ClearType use 6×5 oversampling if the font enabled vertical anti-aliasing), and when ClearType is disabled it is the classic GDI renderer which is 1×1 oversampling if the font disables anti-aliasing, 4×4 oversampling if the font enables anti-aliasing. There is also a "Smooth edges of screen fonts" setting and when disabled it disables anti-aliasing, making it always 1×1 oversampling.
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