Playful Italic Sans Critique

Morning friends,

It seems I'm utilizing the "Lettering Critique" category fairly often! I'm back at it again drawing a yet another logotype. The homie @Matthew Smith gave me some great feedback yesterday and I believe it's in a better point to share with all of you. I'm getting stuck with the very italic round forms in the word "Mondays". The spacing is rather tricky around the "A-Y-S" as well... Would love some extra eyeballs and thoughts on this to tidy everything up.

Thanks as always for the constant thoughts and feedback :smile:


  • Thomas RettigThomas Rettig Posts: 6
    edited July 2020
    You should adjust the "MONDAYS" part such that it aligns nicely with "MONGO", because it doesn't look very comfortable in the current position. You should also work on the kerning -- the "n" and "d" combination for "MONDAYS" especially. The italic also looks a bit faux. I would prefer another italic font in place of the current one.
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