Introducing Arpona Typeface

Hello everybody! Just released my new font Arpona on MyFonts and Adobe Fonts. It would be great if you could tell me what you think about the font: Is the typeface relevant? Is it innovative? What would you have done differently?

The design is inspired by a wonderful inscription I found in the Römisch-Germanisches Museum (romano-germanic museum) in Cologne, Germany. I loved it because it is so quirky. The stonemason did not really master his craft and his spelling is not very good either. He used very strange letter forms and apparently he was wrong about the age of his client. The influence of the Roman Empire on Cologne was no longer very great at these days and the knowledge of the proportions of the Roman letters had faded.

There are 9 weights in total - 3 masters each for italics and upright. I had planned the typeface for display use, but I think it also works well in continuous text and is very legible on screen due to its solid structure.  If you want to see the web fonts take a look at the microsite: