Gerard Unger Scholarship 2020

Now open to any current or graduated student who has developed a typeface in a type design course within the past two years (2018–2020). We have also extended the deadline to 15 June 2020.

We encourage all the 2018–2019 or 2019–2020 students and graduates to submit their unique typeface design projects, even if they are unfinished. We are looking for your fresh and inspiring ideas with no limitations on styles, scripts, or visual approach.

The system to develop their typefaces changed last year and it has become a 4-months internship that includes mentorship from the TypeTogether team (from production to marketing), funding (5.000 euros to be paid monthly), as well as funding to travel to a type conference (up to a thousand euros).

Key dates
All projects received by June 15, 2020 will be judged. At least one winner will be selected and announced by August 1, 2020.

For more information about this programme, please contact us at