DTL Van den Keere text italic?

Dear TypeDrawers community,

I'm a typographer and a book designer, and a longtime reader of this forum. I used to be active on Typophile, and I recognize many of the current contributors from there. I have a very specific question that I hope someone here can help with.

I’m interested in licensing DTL Van den Keere for a book design project, but I am unable to verify that the family includes an italic in the text cut. As you can see in the screenshots attached here, the relevant page of the specimen, entitled “Roman und Italic Text Regular” showcases the roman but has a blank space where the italic is apparently supposed to be. The various dropdown menus on the DTL sites (both of them) omit the text italic from the list of styles. I can find no sample of the italic in the text cut, nor even any confirmation that it exists. However, this style does show up in the online store for purchase. But I hesitate to purchase a font that I cannot first see.

I e-mailed DTL about this a week ago, but having heard nothing, I’m hoping maybe someone else can help me figure this out. I would be very happy to go ahead and license the face for this project, provided I can find a specimen of the text italic first.

Thank you to all for any assistance you can provide.

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  • It is an attractive typeface with a nice warm personality, so it’ll be a shame if it gets out of the game just because the shop owner does not respond.
    However, – it really is a pitty, – that messy regular ß alone would it make an absolute no-brainer for me, to use it for anything.
    There are many other well-made Garamonds out there, sure there might be an alternativ? I myself could only offer you Andron, it is not Garamondish but has a very similar colour.
  • Thanks, Andreas. Andron is actually on my list of faces that I am waiting for an excuse to purchase, but as you say it is not quite Garamondish enough for this project. Other faces that are currently in the running include ATF Garamond, Xavier Dupré's Garalda (probably too contemporary), and MVB Verdigris. The thing I particularly like about Van den Keere is that the roman feels like a Garamond but the italic is both considerably more upright and considerably more regular, which is an advantage in this case. At least, this describes the display italic, which is the only one I have seen.

    Micha, thanks. Unless I am mistaken, it looks like URW licenses only the display cuts — thus the (D) in the font names — and not the text cut that I am looking for.
  • Dear Joshua,

    DTL VandenKeere Italic

    I am very sorry to read that you have not received a response to your e-mail: we have obviously overlooked or misplaced it. As for DTL VandenKeere T Italic, I actually designed it over 20 years ago. For example, I also made a Black version, open capitals, abbreviations, etc., as you can see in the attached images.

    DTL VandenKeere Open Capitals

    Although the character sets are complete or almost complete, I have never found the time for the required fine tuning. I am afraid I will not be able to finish the Text Italic this year. We have so many projects on the shelf, including Cyrillic for almost the entire library, the release of DTL Romulus (the project started in 1997), DTL Sheldon, the release of DTL Estuary in two weeks, DTL Fell’s Pro fonts, etc.

    DTL VandenKeere Black

    In addition, we will have to launch DTL OTMaster 8 and FoundryMaster in the autumn. So, it is a bit busy.

    DTL VandenKeere abreviations

    All the best, Frank
  • Dear Frank,

    Thank you for the very thorough and informative response! This makes a lot of sense and clarifies why I was able to find scattered references to the text italic but not the face itself. The italic and other styles are certainly very tantalizing, and I hope that they will eventually be released. The good news for me is that I am planning for a project far in advance, and it is possible that should these styles, particularly the text italic, become available within the next couple of years, I might still be able to make use of them. And if not, I hope to have a chance to use them for something whenever they do become available.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond, and best of luck with the rest of your very busy-sounding year!

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    In terms of digital Van den Keere revivals, there is also the Heldane typeface from Klim Type Foundry. I like Heldane a lot. It comes in two different families, each built around intended usage size:

  • In addition, there is the DTL [Gros] Canon Project of which, for example, DTL Flamande is part.

    Exquisite Fonts
  • Thanks, Dan. Heldane looks very interesting, and possibly promising for this project.


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