Flying High Quranic/Arabic/Jawi/Pegon/Gundul Fonts

Dear Friends,
Pleased to share our newly PC-Android application "Quran Hoda version 2" that makes use of one of our unique & dynamic typefaces

Please go and explore it by:
1. Selecting the Chapter and Verse to start with and to stop at.
2. Selecting the moving text speed (x1 Normal, Fast, Slow, Faster)
3. Enlarging (+) and reducing (-) the font size.
4. Selecting Black or White backgrounds.

And here is the black and white images of the Quranic verse 2:185 that translates: "The month of Ramazan is the one in which the Quran was sent down as guidance to mankind, with manifest proofs of guidance and the Criterion."

That's right: How eye-catching & easy to read, listen and watch the moving Text?!
Comments, questions and feedback are greatly appreciated and will be taken into account in the coming version.

Happy exploring with Flowers


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