An almost complete lettering font, feedback and wild praise welcome

This is one of a number of brush lettering fonts I hope to release soon, as a collection in addition to individually


  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,467
    Some nice letterforms!

    You could use a bit of work on spacing, and perhaps kerning as well. Some of the collisions seem problematic.
  • DougBestDougBest Posts: 2
    This represents hand spacing and hand kerning, the actual font has more standard spacing and kerning, but with such irregular glyphs as this distinct brush lettering font has, achieving satisfactory default spacing and kerning is nigh impossible - the font really has to be adjusted "by hand" for each use, which in the end, I think, only enhances its brush lettering feel. Baseline shifts are also necessary, and this especially, of course, can only be done per usage. One option I'm considering is non-traditional custom ligatures, including 3-letter ligatures for those 3-letter groupings that might commonly appear in English.
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