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Hello all,
I have tried most ways I knew about in the last couple of years to get lettering gigs oversees but all I find is drawing on a chalkboard for local businesses, and this is not so common over here and the baristas do it. I am certain there must be some ways I am not seeing, so I'm gonna be very very humble and ask for guidance.


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    You need to find a way to get your work seen on the internet. Jessica Hische had Daily Drop Cap and Erik Marinovich had Friends of Type. Seb Lester has done great YouTube videos and posts timely stuff to twitter. Think of something that will make people look at your work. At a minimum start posting to Dribbble every day and keep a portfolio of finished work on Behance.
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    @James Puckett I have long showed my work on Behance and Instagram, where it gets drowned by the incredible volume of daily creative output, so also with Dribble. I don't see how being another needle in the haystack is a viable business model. It works for early adopters like PewDiePie, but that's it as far as I can see. The best I got was entry-level requests for exposure and doing work or tutelage for free.
    I tried browsing various job sites but with no great success. Upwork is of course out of the question.
  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 728
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    Surprise, surprise :) Not 3 days after I started searching, out of the blue comes a business that employes calligraphers for personalization of photos :). Haven't heared from them again, but this may be the key. Anyone else being emplyed on a steady basis for type treatment of web content?
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