Looking for a Specimen of "Ovid" by Heinz Keune, published 1903 by Schelter & Giesecke

What it says on the tin - I have a partial specimen from the 1912 Hauptprobe, but I'm missing some critical letters and most of the numbers. Would anybody have another specimen or use example? 




  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,511
    Perhaps you can show the specimen you have? Might help find more samples.
  • Ah yes, that would indeed be helpful! It's the one on the right. (I've already done the left one ;)

  • Florian HardwigFlorian Hardwig Posts: 245
    edited April 2020
    Not much, but for starters, here are two samples from Klimschs Jahrbücher 1906 and 1907. I don’t have scans of higher resolution.

    The inevitable “Hamburg” from Seemanns Handbuch der Schriftarten:

    This label has three lines of Wettin, which is Ovid’s wider precursor, also by Keune.

  • Great, thank you, Florian!
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