A new Braille font: Hex Braille

Michel Kern
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Since my first published font (Go Braille), I had another idea which was to represent braille glyphs with a flat hexagon (which can be read as 3 rows of 2 vertices). Hex Braille is a monospace font where the glyphs are connected to each other to make a lattice. For the workflow, I used Illustrator and FontForge.
In fact I had a lot of problems with blank interline that appeared randomly when I checked the font lattice in Microsoft Word (depending on font size and zoom level). I tried to modify OS/2 / Metrics properties as explained in FontForge manual but still had this blank interline issues, so if someone has an idea to fix this, it would be more than welcomed.
NB: My wife said it's because a word processor is not precise enough and that it is not a good tool for testing and that I'd rather use a page layout tool like In Design.


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    In fact I did not sent a picture to illustrate the font, here it is: