OpenType in video software

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1. Why is OpenType support so, so, so poor (i.e., non-existent) in Non-Linear Editing Systems? (Premiere*, Final Cut “Pro” :/ , DaVinci Resolve, I reckon also Vegas and Avid?)
* Correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a while since I last used it.

2a. What can we do to change that?
2b. Do we need to change that or is it just me?

3. Also, Variable Fonts and animation. I know, you can do anything in After Effects or Motion, but I think there's much potential in VFs as well waiting to be unleashed.


  • Answer to Q1 : Perhaps because video software authors don't know OpenType exists?

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    Since Adobe is partly responsible for OpenType, maybe convincing creators of Premiere might be the best shot?
    That video software makers are not aware of advanced typography is not surprising, but I think the advent of variable fonts is a good moment to raise general awareness as well and push everyone to get with the program. Of course everyone will be like oh, but it's animated type, and there are more things to be considered, like what happens when you transition texts in letter by letter — what about ligatures? — better to just give up and forget about it — imho, just go on, "consider" those things and make it work instead of whining. It's better to have opt-in solutions that might or might not work than to have no options at all.
    I can imagine this is considerable amount of work, though; possibly not within a couple of clicks. So what needs to be done is convincing the users that they need it in the first place  >:) Who's with me?
  • Adam JagoszAdam Jagosz Posts: 663
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    OpenType is one thing. Variable fonts are another — there's TypeMorph for After Effects, but in a couple years, I think we can do better than that?
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    By 'OpenType', I presume you mean OpenType Layout? The font format is supported, yes?
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    Yes John, sorry for my imprecise wording. I mean OpenType-specific text shaping and OT features support, is that right terminologically?
    Although actually... I am not all that sure about the font formats themselves across all the mentioned programs. There might be cases where TTF (TT-flavored OpenType fonts) are supported while OTF (PostScript) aren't (or have... lesser level of support?). I remember seeing something about it in one of the forums. Perhaps similar situation as with game/3D modelling engines (Unity).
    I will do some more research on that.
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