Macro for Fontlab for automatic assigning custom Unicode values

Dusan JelesijevicDusan Jelesijevic Posts: 66
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Does anyone knows any Fontlab (for 5 is good) macro for automatic assigning custom Unicode values?

I have more then 30 styles and each contain 100 custom characters that require Unicode values and doing it manually, one by one.

If anyone knows such a FL macro, it would be huge help!



  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,356
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    You don't need a macro for that if you know the names. These instructions are for Fontlab 5.

    Go to your shared/mapping folder and open some of the .nam files in a text editor to see how they work. Name a new .nam file in the same folder and list all your glyphs like this

    %%FONTLAB NAMETABLE: My Special Mapping
    0xE000 glyphname
    0xE001 glyphname
    1. Go into Fontlab and select the glyphs.
    2. In the top menu, Glyphs/Glyph names/Generate Unicode. In the dropdown list you should see "My Special Mapping"
    3. Uncheck all the boxes except "apply only to selected glyphs"
    4. Presto, all your custom glyphs have the proper Unicode values
    If "My Special Mapping" doesn't show up in the list you may have been in the wrong shared mapping folder...maybe from a different installation? When you make changes to the .nam file, you need to exit Fontlab and start it again.
  • Ah!

    I feel ashamed I didn't knew about this.

    Thanks a lot, Ray!
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