confie (working title)

Hi there!
I've been fooling around with type design for the last 2 years, reading a lot of books and stuff on the internet. Most of my designs so far had been a bit "playful", while this is my latest attempt on a more "serious" type design (but it is still display :P).
It is a heavy slab serif with curvy lowercase letters and blocky uppercase letters.
Looking forward for your comments!


  • Very nice and playful :) do you plan a family?
    Just to comment:
    maybe g’s loop looks too thin, y too heavy, r too long, the ring too light, "uv" not spaced enough.
  • Thanks Jan! I'm planning italics, maybe a rounded version... don't know if I could get a way with lighter versions since most of its playfulness comes from its weight.
    Spacing in general looked alright in fontlab, but got weird in illustator; something might have happened while generating the font file.
    Thanks a lot for the tips; i'll work on them :)
  • I think a font is interesting when in an ecosystem, less when it's all alone. Lighter weights can be less playful, but give more flexibility and permit some body copy use.
  • I agree; just don't know if I can pull that off... we'll see... but first, italic!
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