[otvar] What software to use to preview STAT format 2 ranges

Hey all,

I've used the very handy statmake tool to write STAT tables and viewing on Windows, e.g. in WordPad, I can confirm the defined locations show up in the font menu as intended. However, I'd be interested in testing if also my range definitions of format 2 axis values get interpreted correctly.

But what program is there that actually allows the user to control the axes values (e.g. with sliders like CC programs do) and uses STAT table for font name display?

Many thanks for any pointers :)



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    ohhh. So you want sliders, but you ALSO want the app to show the format 2 values? (For those not following, that's when a single instance/value is intended to cover a range of values.)

    Probably there is some testing/proofing app that does that. I don’t offhand know what it is.

    In general use, end-user apps are unlikely to have both. Any app that makes sliders available can handle arbitrary instances, so I don’t expect any of those to need to use the format 2 values because (for example) they will automatically get the 70-point instance instead of using the nearby "display" (72-point) instance.
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    Well, yea, or rather I'd like to verify that for the ranges I've set the right names get chosen. I'm not so plugged in to the Windows platform any more, but imagine this is where such an implementation, if it exists, can be found :)

    Kind of like Adobe CC will show the Variable font instances only and "custom" for anything in-between after one fiddles with the sliders — I'd been keen to test the generated names for "in-between" are correct.
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