Font Bakery Help

So, I've tried a couple of times to get the font bakery scripts working for me. But as a novice python coder, I'm kind of stumped. Does anybody know where I could get some kind of a visual demonstration of what to do?

For clarity, I've tried following the documentation and managed to install everything ok.
But I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to actually run any reports!!

Any help from anyone would be appreciated.


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    You can confirm you installed it correctly by opening your Terminal app and typing "fontbakery" — this should bring up the opens of the script.

    A simple check could be:
    • Open Terminal
    • Enter the directory where your font is, e.g. "cd ~/Myfontfolder"
    • Run, for example, the "universal" test suite on your font: "fontbakery check-universal Youfont.otf"

    There is a few premade test suites:
    And each of them enforces/warns about different things, since they are "opinionated".

    If you want to hand pick which specific tests to run and create your own personal test suite, you need look into the more advanced Writing Profiles section, but this is a bit of a learning curve for a non-programmer.
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