Circled Numbers

I created two set: 1) circled numbers and 2) black circled numbers. from 1 to 10:
both are serifed glyphs.
I put the first ones in the slots from uni2460 to uni2469
and the second ones in the slot from uni2776 to uni277F.
However, I see the set 2, but not the set 1, but only little squares :(
Is there wrong in the slots I put the glyphs inside?
Thank you


  • How do you test your fonts? Are you sure you are looking at the latest data. You might have a font cache problem.
  • mauro sacchettomauro sacchetto Posts: 275
    edited February 2020
    I tested it with LibreOffice and LaTeX. It's update, for I created together the two set of glyphs. The second one is seen correctly, the first one, as I told, not at all... Or have I to create a particular lookup - as a stylistic set alternative? But why the second set works fine without any lookup?
  • What operating system are you on? Who do you build your fonts. 

    Can you check if the mapping is correct in the font (use ttx or OTMaster or something similar for that).
  • I'm working on Debian Linux with FontForge. In any case, all other glyphs and lookups work fine. Which control with ttx have I to perform?
  • I see the glyph if I put into uni2780 slot. But It seems to me not correct, for the Unicode description for this is `Dingbat circled sans-serif digit one`, while I product a serif glyph
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