(Glyphs) Is there a script for unlocking all the kerning pairs in a master?

I've designed a variable typeface in Glyphs that interpolates between two masters. One is a grotesque sans serif, and the other one is calligraphic. Everything is working fine interpolation wise, except the kerning.

I've finished all the kerning in both masters, but since they've got very different looks they have very different kerning pairs.
This brings a problem. If there is a kerning exception (the little padlock icon is unlocked) in one master, the other one also has to have that pair unlocked. Otherwise the exported variable font won't apply that kerning when in use on for example a website.

It's a pretty tedious task to go through all the pairs and compare between the masters to see if they have different exceptions. So my idea is to just unlock all the pairs in bot fonts, since the kerning is done.

I just can't find a script that does this. I've tried "Freemix/Expand-Kerning" from JAF, but it seems to just flip every kerning exception, so its the other way around after using it.

Does anyone have any insight on this? 


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