GPOS in sequence with zero width joiner?

This works:
pos A' <-100 0 -200 0> Z;

So does this:
pos&nbsp;A' <-100 0&nbsp;-200 0> B Z;

But this doesn't:
pos&nbsp;A' <-100 0&nbsp;-200 0> uni200D Z;

It looks like Chrome ignores the zero width joiner (uni200D) so the sequence A&ZWJ;B still works. But Edge chokes on this.

It's similar to this thread, except there Edge needed the zero width joiner to be present, while here it breaks when it is present.

Any idea how to position a sequence that has a zwj in it?


  • While writing my question, I compiled a reduced test case, that turns out to not work in Edge as well as Chrome.

    So I guess my question really is "how to position glyphs when there's a zero width joiner in the sequence"?!

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