Copying bitmaps issue after updates

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I had been working with an older non-cloud version of Photoshop CS5 and Fontlab Studio 5.1.2 on an iMac with El Capitan for the last few years. Just this week I updated to Fontlab 5.1.6 and updated my OS to Sierra OS 10.12.6. I just discovered that I can no longer copy and paste between Photoshop and Fontlab or from Fontlab to Photoshop. 

Any ideas what is causing this issue?


  • Found a temporary workaround. While I cannot copy and paste an individual letter from Photoshop to Fontlab, I can do an import and bring the whole document in. Slows my work process down a lot though.
  • You mean bitmaps to use as a background layer (i.e. letter sketches, etc.)?
  • Yes. Anything I copy and try to paste from either PS or AI into Fontlab to the background layer will no longer work. Vector shapes won't paste from them either. I wonder if I lost something in terms of compatibility when I upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra. I know my versions of Photoshop CS5 and Fontlab Studio 5 are all outdated.
  • I think Sierra introduced some substantial changes, I am still under El Capitan as my hardware does not allow me to upgrade to Sierra, and I can confirm CS5 does not run so smoothly.
    About Fontlab I can’t be much of help as I never used bitmaps for this purpose, I think you’d get better feedback by posting your question in the Fontlab Forums, in the appropriate section for Studio 5:
  • Thanks
  • @StephenRapp
    What exact version of FontLab Studio 5 are you running?
  • Thomas,
    I'm running mostly on older versions of everything. My Adobe apps are CS5. My current Fontlab is version 5.16. I upgraded Fontlab from 5.04 just before all this happened as well. For some reason 5.16 has a lot more bugs than the earlier version. For example, when I copy bits of feature code it drops the ending punctuation. What I find most annoying is working back and forth between the feature code panel and the OT Preview. I used to be able to change a bit of code and immediately see the update in the OT Preview. Now every time I compile the code there it deactivates selected features in the OT Preview. It also deactivates if I hit save. I wondered if my Fontlab update might be the cause of my inability to paste letters into Fontlab.
  • Seems highly possible.

    5.1.x fixes many issues in 5.0.4, but it does have several new ones as well.
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