Urgent Web embedding question

Has anyone ever heard of a foundry or reseller that prices web embedding based on the specific pages on which fonts are rendered?  This is as opposed to pricing an entire website's traffic.  Thanks 


  • No.. but you did??

  • I had a client claiming that is the normal way or at least that "many foundries" do it that way.  My  question was so I could refute that claim. I did a little research and think that it's only Hoefler and Co (who define a page view as a css call).  It's the sort of too clever by half thing they would do but no one else would copy.
  • I'd call BS Joyce . . . Honesty, it's generally URLs under the licensee's control regardless of which specific page as it's always been a cumulative unique monthly pageview count.

    The only caveat I could conceive of is if they're running an online application (e.g. HTML5 Game, Online Design Tool, etc) from a single URL in which case it's not a Web Font license they need but rather an Embedded Software Application license.
  • I basically did call bullshit, just not in so many words.   That  said, I don't go around making declarations to refute even the stupidest seeming assertions without making sure first that I am right.

    To your second point, I do license single and multi page web app embedding  as web embedding under my licensing  model in  order to keep the  documents more simple for the clients.  The  only difference is that instead  of  pricing by Average Monthly Page Views I price by Average Monthly Unique VIsitors  and I use the pricing table for secure applications (that's an application where the  fonts are contained inside it rather than installed on the system- what most people call  a "mobile  application).
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