Augustine in Plantin's Museum ?

Hi ! I went in Antwerp yesterday to see In Plantin's Footsteps exhibition. As last year I was impressed by the marvellous work of the students ! Particularly the delicate Andrey Abramov's work on Jacques de Sanlecque and Ardenner by Mikhail Strukov. Don't ask me why these two amongst other beautiful works. That's my personal taste.

On the other hand I was very intricated by a specimen called "Augustine sur le Texte" in a facsimile from Harry Carter and Hendrik D.L. Vervliet shown in this exhibition too. I would ask if someone knows something about it. As I am in search of compact (I mean relatively narrow) samples of Garaldes for future projects I found it very interesting.

Thanks for any information about it !

See the two pictures below


  • Juanjo López
    Hi Ivan,

    thanks for your kind words about our exhibition. The EcTd course is a great way of taking contact with that wonderful material and the class did a really good work.

    About your Augustine sur le Texte specimen:

    in the copy of the Specimen Characterum of Plantin I saw in the Reading Room of the MPM, there is a "Gar" note on the side. That means it's Garamond type (other paragraphs are marked as VDK or Gra).

    But the Inventory of matrices and punches in the Reading Room attributes to Haultin and the matrices are lost.

    Vervliet also attributes it to Haultin, so I think you can be pretty sure about it.

  • ivan louette
    Wow ! Fantastic ! Thanks you so much for this explanation ! That would perhaps help me to find some material or more informations. That's truly a very interesting narrow Garamont type font and that could be a base for my first drawing experiments in this area.
    Thanks again for your image too ! It's muche better than mine taken with my phone.
    And of course I understand that the EcTd course is an excellent place for studying, working and meeting motivated people.