Looking for Font Engineer

Looking for Font Engineer who can work with us full-time or on project-to-project basis on our typeface projects. Knowledge and experience in Indic font production a must.

If you think you are the right person, send in your resume with relevant portfolio to:




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    You might want to say a little more about what the job entails? My idea of “font engineer,” yours, and the next person’s doubtless have considerable overlap, but I doubt they are identical.

    What tools do you use? Where would it be based? Does it require direct interaction for any particular work hours? (which might determine whether the person could be based outside India or not)
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    @Thomas Phinney
    We are looking at someone who can work with our team on our multi-script font projects, particularly on Indic fonts. The person can work remotely and would need to interact with the team as and when required. The main task is font production once the character set is drawn – Glyph Positioning, Glyph Substitution, OpenType features, Hinting, OTF, Variable font output etc.

    The main involvement will be during the project planning stage and the production stage.

    Hope this is a bit clearer
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    if you need help with Hinting in particular, I am happy to chat. michaeldug at gmail.com
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