Microsoft Visual TrueType Version 6.32 release [October, 2019]

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Download is available here

 What’s new?

Version 6.32 [October, 2019 release]

The following are the changes since the 6.31 [October, 2018 release] release of VTT: 

  • Enhanced vertical accent placement. Update autohinter and hinting template files for enhanced vertical accent placement. Positions marks in composites with greater precision using logic similar to Res*() functions.
  • VTTShell command line tool updates. Enhance VTTShell with more complete error reporting and ability to strip TSI tables from a font that has already been compiled.
  • Prevent composite glyph definition from changing. VTT will no longer overwrite composite glyph definitions (i.e. OFFSET[] and USEMYMETRICS[] pseudo-instructions) that are inconsistent with VTT source. Instead, VTT will leave the composite definition as is in the glyf table, and report an error.
  • User interface enhancements and bug fixes.
  •     Fix point drawing problems in main view for coincident adjacent points. 
  •     Variation main view will now update after changing the CVT program and compiling.
  •     Change variation UI to allow scrolling the CVTs listed in the non-editable default instance of a variation font. 
  •     Fix bug when opening a font in VTT after closing another font when sometimes the default instance CVT data was editable when it should not have been.
  • Various bug fixes
  •     Fix reported autohinter crashing bug.
  •     Create cvar from source when compile for all programs in both VTT and VTTShell.


    • Viktor RubenkoViktor Rubenko Posts: 69
      edited October 2019
      Bug: Variation CVT Table is not editable  :#

      Does -a command recalc maxp values or only compile VTT code?
      Can I check "Disable Outline Modification" by deafult?

      Why not add autohinting to shell?
    • Paul LinnerudPaul Linnerud Posts: 6
      edited October 2019
      Thank you for your report.

      I have a fix to the bug that I'll propogate shortly.

      The -a command for VTTShell will recalc relevant maxp values. 

      The "Disable Outline Modification" is set by default for variable fonts. It is not set for non variable fonts. 
    • I have updated Visual TrueType to fix the variation CVT table not editable.

    • I have updated Visual TrueType to fix the variation CVT table not editable.

      Great, thanks.

    • Viktor RubenkoViktor Rubenko Posts: 69
      edited November 2019
      Paul Linnerud said:
      Prevent composite glyph definition from changing

      So, how should I change OFFSET[r] to OFFSET[R] now? Go to source and change composite flags manually? For what purpose it was made?
    • The check is only made in a variation font. In a variation font we did not want to allow the composite signature to change because that could invalidate the variation data. We will discuss whether or not the difference between OFFSET[r] and OFFSET[R] should be included in that validation. 
    • Hello Paul. One of the things that keeps on preventing me from using any of the latest VTT versions (since 6.2 onwards) has been that Undo and Redo do not work on the Main View. I haven't seen other people complain about this so I am not sure if this is something that only happens only for me or if it's a known issue. It would be great to have Undo and Redo back though, they are essential when determining the best hinting strategy for a given design and weight. Any insights would be highly appreciated.
    • @jmsole, it looks like a bug. I'll look into it. 
    • Paul LinnerudPaul Linnerud Posts: 6
      edited November 2019
      @jmsole, I have a fix for this bug. If you provide your email, I can provide a private build for you.
    • Can you also send me one? I have three hinting projects to do that it'd be useful for :)
    • I have a suggestion:
      Add comment text to the cvt selector window


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