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Hello everyone.

I wanted to share that for the balance of 2019 I'm offering 15% off coaching and consulting services for new clients in the type industry.

I've spent a little time updating my website with my activities over the past few months:

Briefly, I work with my clients to help them tackle their business problems. Most of my clients work with me as a coach, where I partner with them on an ongoing basis to help them work through the most important business problems that they're facing at any given time. 

Commonly, this includes topics like:
- Career development, promotions, raises, résumé, portfolio
- Business development, sales, marketing, promotions
- Client management, pricing, change orders, contracts (but not legal advice)
- License enforcement, partnerships, distribution

Coaching clients work with me on a flat-rate, subscription basis. My fee covers a set amount of phone time and an unlimited amount of email time. I'm interested in partnering with you and helping you succeed, I'm not interested in finding ways to bill lots of hours to you.

An initial consultation, in which we will do actual work on your current challenges and opportunities, is free and completely without obligation.

If anybody is curious about how I work or what exactly I do, feel free to get in touch or ask right here.

--Matthew Rechs
Business Letters LLC
[email protected]
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