Need Advice on consistency and coutour

Hi , I am working on a new Ethiopic font . I want to check your opinions on consistency and the quality of the contours . 
All Critiques are really appreciated . 



  • K PeaseK Pease Posts: 177
    Obvious disclaimer that I don't know Ethiopic, so someone who does could have reasons to say I'm wrong.

    My observation concerns the hook on the top of the second and third glyphs. On the second glyph, it is well-formed; it tapers to the stem. On the third glyph, it is less appealing; it is thinnest near the bend and apparently flares to the stem.
  • @K Pease , Thank you so much . I know no one knows Ethiopic in the forum .
    The suggestion you gave me is  very important to me . I was hoping people would respond from graphical quality of the characters : balance , White space and contour .

    Thank you so much
  • If you provide a vector file like a PDF it will be easier to give a feedback on the contours. Some things that look inconsistent to me:
    • The diagonal cut at the top of the last glyph is too sharp
    • The lower part of the bowl of the second last glyph need more harmonized curvatures
    • The diagonal of the fourth last glyph seems to get thicker to the top
    • The fourth glyph is thinner at the shoulder but the first, the second and the last glyphs are not comaparably thin at their shoulders
    • The hooks on the second and third glyph should both join at the top without a crack
  • @ Linus Romer  ,  Thank you so much. Your feed back is helpful. What do you mean by
     " ... should both join at the top without a crack" ?  here I also attached a PDF File so that you can see the contour better .
    Thanks again .
  • About the "crack":

    Your version looks like the most left, but I would prefer something like the second left. But then the joint is too pointy, therefore you could consider something like the right two examples.

    The last glyph in your PDF has a bowl which is (to my eye) too thin at the bottom left.

  • @ Linus Romer, Thanks a lot it is a big help . I see what you mean.
    Attached please find what I come up with and this is my last question . 
    I want to ask about the uniformity of the characters . for example what do you think 
    about the first 3 characters horizontal bars? In relation to over all characters ?

    Thank you so much ,
  • Those horizontal spurs look too heavy to me, and the barb on the end is too subtle to work IMHO. I'd either remove the barb and only hint at it with a slightly diagonal cut on the end of the spur, or I'd make it long enough to be perceived as an actual stroke (at least one stroke width long).
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