Variable Font in Flab VI Problems

Fernando DíazFernando Díaz Posts: 133
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I've finished creating my first variable font, very simple just 1 weight axis with several instances.

But I'm having some issues:
– When I export the font I get "WARNING:fontTools.varLib:Masters have incompatible prep tables, hinting is discarded"
– Don't understand how naming works.

Any other reading material or help would be appreciated!
Thank you.


  • This is Awesome, thank you Adam.

    We are migrating from old FL5 to FLVI, it still has some issues, but overall I really like working with the progam (and I can't believe how easy is to make VF with it).


  • Regarding VF-autohint, Adam... how long should I let it run for before I assume it is just failing?

    This would be on a VF with 18 masters, 3 axes, and (currently) 550 glyphs.
  • (Killed after ~ 10 hours. Font was current build of Science Gothic from FontMake/ScienceGothicVF-no-italic.ttf
  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,939
    We've been using VTT for variable font hinting. It's a bit more work than a straight autohint: after running the VTT autohinter on the default instance glyphs you need to manually enter corresponding CVT values for the axis extreme instances, and may need to delete some unwanted instructions. But it gives good results that are editable.
  • @Adam Twardoch
    I got the same result on vfautohint as a Thomas. The process is going about 5 hours and I terminate it. Perhaps the application need to tell the customer about some intermediate steps, or show an errors if appropriate.
  • @Adam Twardoch
    Just checked vfautohint on single-axis variable font and it works fine. One second process.
    But variable fonts with 3 axes hang the script and nothing happens.
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