I'm a bit surprised at the vacancy of this category... This is an attempt at faux-paint lettering, meaning I sketched the outline, based on imagined strokes. It's meant to be stylized, but hint at something believable. Lemme know whether you think it works.




  • Michael ClarkMichael Clark Posts: 138
    Just a thought Tristan, the "cerated" terminals sort of take the gentility out of it.
  • I can see that working very well indeed. You could also try playing with the spiro tools in fontforge (if you dare). Also google "st raphael anquetil"
  • Reminds me of Carlos Winkow's Reporter
  • @Michael Clark: I assume you mean "serrated," rather than "coated with wax or resin," but you are right. I was going for spontaneity over gentility......unless you meant "gentleness" (this one I could see going either way...or both). In the case of the latter, I would say I opted for energy or eagerness. In other words, I think you're right no matter which you meant, but the disparity with my lettering has more to do with my definition of kindness.

    @vadams: What are the spiro tools for? Their website was not descriptive. I tried googling "st raphael anquetil" and I think I saw what you were getting at...but the logo was always at an angle, never straight on :/

    @Alexis: I could see that...especially the k
  • Michael ClarkMichael Clark Posts: 138
    edited May 2013
    Tristan, sorry. I use the word all the time but evidently failed that spelling test. :-) Serrated is what I was aiming for. Duly admonished, and thank you... I am in the corner with the dunce hat on.

    P.s. I like the forms very much.
  • I'm not here to judge. I'd be lost without spell check...but of course spell check doesn't help when you stumble onto another real word :P
  • Spiro is a library for drawing 'Euler spiral' like curves
    It's use in fontforge is not well documented, but Inkscape also uses the spiro libraries and it's use in inkscape is much better documented; e.g.
  • That's interesting. I was thinking it was kind of pointless until it got to the live stroke shape thing. That would give you more control than Illustrator's stroke width tool. Too bad there's no Illustrator plugin yet.
  • Spiro spline is Very Cool!

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