hello typedrawers,

i like seeing you all are into lettering/type and do appreciate all your splendid help and activities.
though i am here since 2015, i hadn’t make much conversation yet. this is mainly because i am not really good in english and not familiar with forums. i am located in zurich.

i am doing type since i started in design about 30 years ago. so far, just for me and some friends. education is cartographer and typographic designer. work experience is graphic designer.

to date, i have worked on three type families, counting 179 single fonts/wheights in total.

now, i plan to update my Type-1 Western MacOS Roman OT-fonts to cover more languages and eventually implement features. this requiers better understanding of technology and learning about those strange glyphs in the ever mysterious code pages.

that’s the current picture :-)


  • Welcome!
  • We specialize in strange characters here.
  • Hello!
    Happy to see that you jumped the language barrier.
  • You are most warmly wercome! 👏👌
  • Welcome to TypeDrawers!

    Feel free to post questions about character sets or the like.  :)
  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 1,449
    Don’t worry about a precise command of English, many of us native speakers struggle with that, too! But please do post images if possible, it adds life to discussions.
  • Yes, don’t worry about your command of English. If something is unclear, people will just ask. But plenty of people are not native English speakers, no need to be shy!
  • Thank you for welcoming and encouraging!
  • Great to see you here, Donat! I feel lucky to know some of your nice work through our friend Norman. Hope you’ll share it soon!
  • hi Stephen, glad to know you around here! Now I keep working on these previous designs to improve their use...

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