Question: Characters in the Upper Case (diagram from Updike's Printing Types)

Karen Cheng
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I was wondering if anyone could help me with the diagram below, which is from Updike's Printing Types.
I didn't recognize the little linear glyphs on the far right.
Does anyone know what they are?

Also, I didn't understand the marks below the 2 Em and 3 Em labels.
Does this refer to dashes?
I didn't know if the wavy characters were for wave-ornaments of some kind?

If anyone has information, I would be very grateful!


  • Craig Eliason
    Craig Eliason Posts: 1,410
    Rightmost ones look like you could string them together to make horizontal braces {}. 
  • Karen Cheng
    Thanks for your help, Craig and K Pease! That makes sense.