Noordzij's Cube for real


Where can I order one of these!? And if it comes delivered as separate letters: I *think* I would be able to work out what weight goes where.


  • Did you try emailing LettError? Even better would be a slightly larger version (e.g. about the size of a five-story building) in which one could walk through all the variants!
  • ivan louetteivan louette Posts: 327
    Beautiful ! But is that a step to 3D variable fonts ?
  • 3D variable fonts (which presumably require a 3D printer) would pave the way for constructing the Noordzij Tesseract for anyone who’s up to the challenge. This could potentially lead to a new era of multidimensional one-upmanship among designers!
  • To me the Noordzij Cube is one-dimensional.
  • ivan louetteivan louette Posts: 327
    @Hrant H. Papazian Interesting. Could you develop ? :smile:
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