Going to Italy, looking for Jenson's Adress (and other cool stuff)

I want to visit everything I can that is related to type and printing history.
So if you have any pointers to cool places please let me know. This is what I have so 

– Tipoteca Museum (Treviso, near Venice).
– Museo Bodonianio (Parma).
– Museo del Libro e Officina della Stampa (Montepluciano) NEW!
– https://www.aepm.eu/museum-finder/


– Trajan's Colum (Rome).

Printers Adress:
– The adress of Aldus (Venice).

Antique Bookshops:
– Ex Libris Srl (Rome)
– Libreria Antiquaria Rappaport (Rome)
– Libreria Antiquaria Borromini (Rome)
– Gonnelli Libreria Antiquaria (Florence) 
– Gozzini Libreria Antiquaria (Florence) 
– Cappellini Libreria Antiquaria (Florence) 
– Libri Antichi Arezzo - F&C Edizioni (Arezzo)

I would love to know the adress of Jenson's printing shop, some cool bookstores, other important monuments and museums with some lettering, etc...

Thank you!


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