Custom made fonts in use with Google Suite

Does anybody have experience in using custom made fonts with Google Suite? According to the Google Suite Support it is possible and no problem to add your own fonts in an account, but there is no guarantee, that it will work 100%. I guess it is a matter of technical quality, but the support team can't answer such questions, since they are not involved in type design. For some of my clients it is a demand, that they can use Google docs and slides


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    Miles NewlynMiles Newlyn Posts: 238
    I don't think it is possible to use any fonts besides Google fonts. 
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    According to Google Cloud Support its no problem to upload them connected to an Google Suite account and they offer to upload them for us to test, but I would like to know about the experience of others.
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    Well, it seems they give different answers. It is probably not possible after all. 
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    This would be a sorely needed feature for Google Suite. I’ve had at least three cases over the past year or two where a company’s integration with Google Suite essentially ruled out doing bespoke type from the get-go. Even if a client would be willing to open source a font they commission it is essentially impossible to give any schedule whatsoever on when availability through Google Fonts can be expected (related Github issue), alas it is not a viable option.
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    Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,394
    Thanks for posting the issue Johannes. We are assessing our goals for the next 3 months and after several years of FontBakery development we are in a good place to make sharp progress on the backlog of additions and updates that are pending.

    Trine, here's the contribution requirements for Google Fonts and thus GSuite:

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