Numbers in a font name ?

Hi, I asked me if i could put numbers inside a font name. For example I would name my latest font " Village 1903 " remembering the year Goudy designed his Village first version.
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  • It is not unusual to use numbers in font names, but 1903 would mean little to the average user. 
  • ivan louetteivan louette Posts: 282
    @Bhikkhu Pesala Thanks ! Of course I could call it " Goudy Village 1903 " because this is a very close revival (except for the different weights I project), but I don't know if Goudy's name is protected or not.
  • The one spot where one may run into issues with numbers in a font name is when the first character is a number. Some older font engines and font renderers in current web technology don’t like a font name to begin with a digit. Just something related to keep in mind. fyi.

    Your use should be fine.
  • ivan louetteivan louette Posts: 282
    @Jeff Kellem Thanks for your reply ! I will do it like that.
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