Interface problems after installing FL 5.4.1

Hi there,
I just installed the latest Fontlab update but when I call my usual workspace the interface behaves weird and does not allow me to set the tool bars properly. For example, I can take them against the pull menus bar, they stay at a certain distance but not closer (see image). Any idea on how to solve/reset this? (calling the old workspace didn't work).



  • Just wondering, here? have you posted first in the FL forums?
  • OK, I will but in the past I got quicker answers in other forums (even coming from Fontlab staff).
  • I found it!:
    A: You can manually reset the user interface and the settings of FontLab Studio 5 for Mac OS X. For that, please quit FontLab Studio and then remove the files:
    ~/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Workspaces/CurrentWorkspace.rc
  • Print that out and tape it to the bottom of your monitor.
    It is the chicken soup of the FontLab world.
  • Had any problems running Robofab scripts, Ramiro? I wouldn’t be surprised if they screwed up Python support again.
  • "I got quicker answers in other forums"

    Ah ha! Then you got to do what you got to do! :)
  • @Paul: I will check today and report. At the moment I am traveling and working with my old good laptop. It's my girlfriend who actually needed to use the new FL in her Mac.
  • After updating FL to the latest I checked the Mac and I report: Python scripts work.
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