List of Deprecated Legacy Characters

I could have sworn about a year or so ago when I was looking into /napostrophe out of curiosity I found a list of deprecated characters either on Unicode’s site or a wiki. Not thinking too much of it at the time I didn’t bookmark it, but I think that it would be useful to have for the future. It would be helpful in remembering which characters not to encode or which to encode differently from their legacy position. In looking now I can’t find it again: I don’t find much outside of a proposal for some deprecated characters and definitions around the concept.
Has anyone else seen a list like this?


  • Jens KutilekJens Kutilek Posts: 339
    Here’s an older discussion about this kind of legacy characters:
  • John SavardJohn Savard Posts: 1,091
    I do remember seeing that while some characters present in Unicode 1.0 were removed, since then, supposedly Unicode now officially can only have things added to it, and nothing can ever be removed. If that is the case, it wouldn't make sense to deprecate any characters, but of course I can be mistaken, confused by remembering something incorrectly.
  • Jacob CasalJacob Casal Posts: 99
    edited June 2019
    @Jens Kutilek Ah yes, I’ve read that one. Maybe the list is just a lot shorter than I remember it looking.
  • John SavardJohn Savard Posts: 1,091
    edited June 2019
    Oh, here we are.
    While the list of deprecated characters in a Wikipedia article may be out of date, it presumably links to the appropriate spot on the Unicode site. And so my memory wasn't playing tricks on me: characters can't be removed, but they can be marked "deprecated" instead. Which permits implementors to omit them, I suppose.
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