Looking for advice and critique

I been trying to learn type design for about 7 months of practicing and learning from my own mistakes, I haven't finished a whole alphabet, cause I always feel like there are mistakes I don't know the answer to... I feel like is not good enough I need some help, I can see that the c, e, g are kinda weird also the a and u are kinda wrong but I don't know what it is...

Maybe have a look at it and tell me if there is anything I can study or practice so i can be better at designing.


  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,396
    The outside contour when thick straights start curving starts tapering “too early” (for ex. shoulder of n or bottom of t) but I’m not sure I’d “fix” that as it lends your design some distinctiveness. 
    Curves at their thickest need to be wider than straight stems in order to read optically as balanced. 
    Establish spacing (not kerning pairs, but sidebearings) for each glyph as you design it. Get “nnn ooo non ono noon onno” well spaced at your target size, then use those as control characters (“nnann ooaoo nnbnn ooboo nncnn oocoo...”)
    Keep assessing what you have in real words rather than just an alphabet string. 
  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,936
    edited May 2019
    Space your /f/ to allow a following low letter (e.g. an /n/) to snuggle up to it. Use ligatures and/or a contextual alternate to avoid collisions with high letters (e.g. /f/l/).
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