Regular newspapers made with manual typesetting

Does anybody know about newspapers that are still using manual typesetting? I believe they are very rare today. There is Saguache Crescent from Saguache, Colorado, but it is using hot metal and I am looking for manual typesetting.

My question is triggered by a discovery. In a small city near where I live there is a newspaper still made manually. The newspaper is published continuously since 1887 and uses the same machinery since 1910. They are starting to migrate to off-set so I should visit and document it before the history vanishes.

I would like to know if there are other newspapers using this old technology. And suggestions regarding what would be interesting to picture about it are welcome.

These articles are in Portuguese, but the images are self-explanatory:
Jornal O Taquaryense • Municipality of Taquari • Article about the old newspaper