Line sits so low, some of the descender gets cut off (Glyphs)

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View in OSX. If there was /g on the bottom line, it's alignment zone would get cut off, like where the selection is.
In Adobe apps it looks ok with ascender glued to the top of text box.

UPM = 1000

Current Light master metrics:
Ascender: 700
Descender: -210

Black master:
Ascender: 730
Descender: -220

Extreme glyphs (Black): Ǚ = 1100 and ț = -240

Parameters in the Font Info:
openTypeOS2TypoAscender = 700;
openTypeOS2TypoDescender = 300;
openTypeOS2TypoLineGap = 340;
openTypeOS2WinAscent = 1100;
openTypeOS2WinDescent = 240;
openTypeHheaAscender = 1100;
openTypeHheaDescender = "-240";
openTypeHheaLineGap = 0;

I set these by following Glyphs and Klim Foundry tutorials.
Typo values are 700/300 and not 750/250 because I tried to "lift" the line but it didn't change.


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