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  • Marc Oxborrow said:
    Administrators are able to revoke access to the ignore feature on a per-user basis in case of abuse
    How do you abuse a filter?
    Maybe it means self-abuse.
  • @Marc Oxborrow Thanks for finding that. I've asked the admins to look into it.
  • Anything to report? Is it feasible to install the “Ignore” plug-in?
  • Maybe before we make it available let's see if more people want it than actively don't.
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,458
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,396
    I see no advantages for adults in such a feature.
    I don't agree that recognizing that one's experience of a forum would be better with a particular contributor muted is a sign of immaturity. 

    I don't know that I'd ignore anyone on Typedrawers if I could, but I happily take advantage of the feature on another forum I frequent. It defangs trolls and makes for conversations I'm more interested in reading and contributing to. 
  • @Craig Eliason I don't believe it defangs much besides one's own ability to function outside of one's echo chamber. In fact to me blocking is essentially trolling yourself, because you're the one not seeing replies. Muting is even worse, not least because you're pretending not to.

    To me the one exception is if it's a mental health issue, in which case a note from one's licensed mental health professional should allow the enabling of that feature for that user. Because you can't rely on a forum to serve as your psychiatrist.

    Ignoring is a valiant skill, to be promoted. Not seeing something does not count as ignoring it.
  • Hi @Marc Oxborrow,  

    I'm not sure why the Admins haven't responded. You're welcome to try contacting them as well, since at this point we have the same chance of getting to them respond. 
  • @Dyana Weissman Sounds like you should be an admin!
  • As I understand it, the plug-in merely hides the content of a hidden user's posts, but does not remove posts from a thread. A user can choose to view a hidden post, e.g., in cases where it provides context to comments that follow.

    @Theunis de Jong - It would be funny, agreed. But, having weighed my options as adults do, I still believe that my personal enjoyment of Typedrawers would be improved by a "hide" feature, even if it means missing the occasional post directed at me.

    @Dyana Weissman - Thanks for your efforts. I thought you *were* a mod. :smile:
  • Someone would have to pay me to be an Admin! 

    Anyway, I can report this is being worked on. I'm waiting on some info from someone else before I can do anything. I'm not even 100% certain that this plug-in can be added. Good chance it can, but, like I said, waiting for info. It may be a few days before I get it, though.  
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    I've just seen that there's a recent article on Medium which makes the point that telling people they shouldn't block others on social media is "abuser logic". I didn't read the article itself, but I think I can see that this is a reasonable position.

    I see no advantages for adults in such a feature.
    Well, given that this is a moderated forum, and therefore normally there shouldn't be any seriously abusive posts to block, that can be true as well. On some forms of social media, though, while they are nominally moderated, in practice they aren't because their scale makes it impractical.
  • This add-on is now enabled. Let's see how it goes. If it creates more problems than it solves, we'll disable it. 
  • Thanks for following up, Dyana. Much appreciated!

    For those interested in using the feature: 

    + Click on the user's name to navigate to their profile/activity page
    + Select "Ignore" from the drop-down menu next to the the "Message" button

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    Posts from ignored users are visible but grayed-out, in the same way that posts that receive too many flags are "buried."
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    makes the point that telling people they shouldn't block others on social media is "abuser logic".
    To me, telling people that telling people blocking is abusive is abusive is abusive.
    Dyana Weissman said:
    If it creates more problems than it solves, we'll disable it. 
    What kinds of –addressable– problems might it create?
    What kinds of problems does blocking on Twitter for example create?
    Posts from ignored users are visible but grayed-out
    Is that good enough?
  • So far, the system is working well for me.
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