First font published on MyFonts "Go Braille"

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FYI, my first font (made with Inkscape and FontForge) has been accepted by MyFonts and published / monetized. Thanks for your advices and feedback, I confirm that the submission took "some time" as i had to wait approx. 4 month to get an answer from MyFonts and be able to register a font author account. Once this registration was done it was much quicker to submit the font and wait for approval. I even sold one which is not too bad considering that it is a "niche market". My friends were asking me if a Braille font had any worth but I searched and found that there is a special kind of printers which may make these fonts touchables: "Embossers" (not sure if they can use "designed" Braille fonts though)

The font is called "Go Braille", a "concept font" based on the design of Go game applied to braille glyphs:

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