Overbold: Ignoring Eric Gill's Advice



  • Like this, you mean? That's one of the better ones, I admit, but it doesn't really feel at home in this typeface. I still prefer the one with the serifed foot.
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,330
    Perhaps it needn't fill out the full width (since /B/, /e/ etc. don't). 
  • K PeaseK Pease Posts: 180
    Yeah, but from that, here's a rough raster edit of what I imagined. The idea is that there's no compromise on the bowl size.

  • K: It has the right proportions to match /B/, but the «canoe» doesn't really fit the shape language of the typeface, does it? I actually prefer the full-sized version. It even has a remote relative in that /El-cy/ I drew before I settled on the triangular shape. I might keep it alive in a stylistic alternate.

  • Sorry to be late to the party, but I want to contribute some extrabold examples from Samuel Wello lettering books (arround 1930 or so). I love the lively mood of they alphabets. Sorry if its too late, but maybe it can contribute some fun to the design.

  • I just finished up the Cyrillics on this and feel it's about time to release it. Any final remarks?

  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 716
    edited August 2019
    This font is an absolute joy to look at :) I have no remarks besides to, since it's such a tour de force, maybe add a full super- and subscript alphabet. Why is the superscript /n pushed a bit up?

    I would increase the doughnut (and not the hand) in the pink image many times to emphazise the "excess" of the style, or directly use macro photos of tasty, tasty sweets. Imagine that on a billboard   o:)
  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,330
    Here would be my challenge: market the font without making references to obesity as a failing. 
  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,864
    edited August 2019
    Craig: I agree. I currently don't have any Bold = Obese analogies in the material, and a donut can be understood as a «mistake» regardless of one's body type. Overbold is not a mistake because it's fat, but because it's drawn the «wrong» way, according to Gill.
    This is what I have so far:

  • Honestly, I still don’t like some letters. That /R I already mentioned, but also the /B and others. I don’t mean as a simply matter of taste, I just can’t find it enough "accomplished", given your initial goals. But it might just be me, I am unable to explain better why. :(
  • I absolutely love the /B/, and am quite fond of the /R/ by now. I guess this might just not be the font for you then. :grimace: But if that's the only thing standing in the way of your enjoyment, maybe I should offer stylistic alternates for them...
  • There you go, @Claudio Piccinini: SS03 now replaces the three weirdest capitals with more boring versions.  :grimace:
  • I like the curve in the new version of the R leg. The original feels less... balanced. For the default R, I wonder if you could keep the thinness of the original, and the size of the top of the original, but have the leg stick out a little further and and arch a bit more.
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    Please don't distribute that code outside of this forum.
  • There you go, @Claudio Piccinini: SS03 now replaces the three weirdest capitals with more boring versions.  :grimace:
    Well, I don’t find that second "G" boring at all… Probably I just don’t like how you developed it according to your premises (were you striving for an "unlearned" forms? If so, it might be "too well drawn").
    Anyway, I would like to work on the same [Gill] criticism and see what I would come up with. :)
  • The /B was just fine, 'though.  o:)
  • Claudio Piccinini said:
    Anyway, I would like to work on the same [Gill] criticism and see what I would come up with. :)
    That would be fun! :)
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