FWIW Figma is sensitive to typolinegap

A client asked me to investigate the different behavior of text between Sketch and Figma, when text is centered vertically.

The font I had to test had a typolinegap value set. When I made a quick test version with the value set to zero, all aligned well in both apps.



  • Which apps? Different browsers?
  • Offline versions of Sketch and Figma
  • edited March 2019
    In my experience, Sketch has not the best implementation of typography. If I set any font out of the box (without letter spacing), it looks like it’s ignoring or suppressing some letter spacing and kerning defintions that come with the TTF or OTF. But when you set letter spacing to 0.01, suddenly it kicks in. This is an experience exclusive to Sketch, it is not happening in Adobe or Apple programs.
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