Not able to upload fonts on Prosper (MyFonts)

I am trying to submit fonts to MyFonts on Prosper. The native font validator shows error that fonts cannot be Installed on MacOSx/MacOS" and shows message "Your font may have serious errors. Please check your font files." I have uploaded files in ttf format. Tried with otf too. I use Fontlab VI Windows to create fonts.
I cannot understand what could be the problem. Anyone with experience please help. Thanks


  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,966
    Have you tried validating the fonts in Fontbook? Have you installed Apple font tools and checked the fonts with ftxvalidator?
  • @James Puckett I don't have mac. I work on windows.
  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,966
    Given how common Macs are in the graphic design industry you should really be testing your fonts on a Mac before releasing them.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,704
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    Since you are using FontLab VI, please try our support system (unless you want to just attach your fonts to a public posting). Just go to and create a login (you can use existing social media credentials if you like). Then create a support ticket, and be sure to attach your font, both the VFC source file and the exported TTF, for each style.

    The good news is, this is probably something very simple to fix.

    Edit: I agree that it is a Very Good Idea to test stuff on both Mac and Windows.
  • Rob BarbaRob Barba Posts: 86
    Given how common Macs are in the graphic design industry you should really be testing your fonts on a Mac before releasing them.

    Or at least have a friend who has a Mac.  I have one; he's my guinea pig and in return he gets all kinds of free fonts from me. :lol:
  • Rob BarbaRob Barba Posts: 86
    Okay, I just tried to upload my newest fonts and I have to agree, something is wrong with Prosper.  Prior to doing so, I had my friend with the Mac run it through the paces and the fonts had no issue.  However, Prosper is reporting that the fonts will not work on Mac at all.  Given that I don't think they're running Prosper off of one, I'd really like to know what their test platform is.
  • Rob BarbaRob Barba Posts: 86
    Never mind, I think I might have figured it out.  @kushjain94, is your font using legacy Mac data?  It might help.
  • Given how common Macs are in the graphic design industry you should really be testing your fonts on a Mac before releasing them.
    And it's shocking how many designers think they can stick to testing on Apple products.
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,704
    Agree: testing on both Mac and Windows is important.

    That said, using a good set of test tools can be incredibly helpful, and reduce the frequency/amount of cross-platform manual testing needed.

    Both the Adobe AFDKO CompareFamily and Microsoft Font Validator are good ones to have around. However, to some degree both, but especially Font Validator benefit from having their output interpreted by somebody who is familiar with them. Otherwise it is hard to know how serious some of the warning messages are.
  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 1,374
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    I use the audit feature in FontCreator in Windows for testing. It has a simple interface and outputs a clean, easy to read text file with each index number and what the problem is. I switch to index mode in Fontlab, follow the list and squash the bugs.

    I use MS Font Validator once in a while but the results are pretty noisy and it ends up finding the same glitches anyway. For stubborn, hard to track down issues, MS Font Validator is good to have.
  • Christian ThalmannChristian Thalmann Posts: 1,936
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    I was trying to update an existing MyFonts family via Prosper, but it won't let me. It lists my existing families but they don't link to anything. The old FTP won't work anymore either.
    I guess I'll just make the update available on FontSpring in the meantime... :frowning: 
    EDIT: Got an e-mail reply from MyFonts almost instantly. Nice! Dropbox will still work.
  • cannot be Installed on MacOSx/MacOS
    I read the whole thread carefully, but did not understand what the solution to this problem was. Tell us please.
  • Write an e-mail to foundry support and give them your new files per Dropbox or the like. 
  • Got the same issue "Will install on Mac OS X and macOS".
    Error reason: "Failed to parse table".

    But what the exact table? What interesting – I have different fonts with same features/tables, exported with the same settings. And only one family have this problem. Checked the font on MacOS (Font Book and Adobe applications) and everything works correct, including all the features. Still interesting about details of this issue.
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