What if,

this had won the typewriter wars,
What would the personal computer look like?


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    Fascinating, and new to me. Thanks.
    The 1870 version bears some similarity to Edison’s Phonograph, which came later, and the earlier Phonoautograph.
    I would guess this principle of recording on a cylinder is informed by the process of knurling on a lathe, and perhaps music box cylinders.
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  • Max: This is how they made it in the first place. (SCNR)
  • Wait a minute, that's a keyboard for single-handed typing, right?
    Oh, the possibilities!
    (SCNR again)
  • But align the type ball properly in the Maltron, they can type each others keys, and you have a network!
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    Or at least a telegraph repeater station.
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    Whatever became of Doug Engelbart's chording keyboard? The idea was to use the mouse (also his invention) for the right hand and the chording keyboard with the left (or vice versa, I presume). With it, you could type with one hand.
  • The FrogPad is available for anyone needing to type with just one hand (left or right):

  • Standard digital calculator designs won out over the far more interesting prospects offered by the hand grenade shaped Curta calculator:

  • For the waiters near Wall Street to come by your table offering fresh-ground calculations?
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    Mal Tron. He is one baaaaadass Decepticon MF.
    What does he look like transformed?
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