My Fonts Promotion Bug


I reported a major bug to MyFonts with promotion visibility already in December 2014 (yes 5 years ago).
There are days where the reduced price (wich is shown in red in the upper-right corner) is not visible in the different currencies - mostly US $. As a result purchases are dropping rapidly down and chances to get in Hot New or Best Seller lists are reduced etc.. 
We experienced the same bug with all our releases since 2014.

Does anybody has the same issue. And how do you deal with it? Is there any possibility to report that on the higher manager level at Monotype or MyFonts so that maybe fix that?


  • Adam LaddAdam Ladd Posts: 171
    edited February 2019
    I have noticed/experienced the same. It seems to happen intermittently and eventually displays the discount. Don't know if there's a pattern. The buying choices window, when clicked on, usually shows the discount even if not present on the main font page.
  • Have you tried entering the page without logging in? can be a cookie bug, don't know,
    I was with something similar but it disappeared.

  • It is not because of the logg in or the different browser. We checked it on several desktops in all common browsers, also in different countries or with different proxy. It seems to be linked with the currencies wich MF shows in USA, Europe, Australia and I think UK.
    The MF support figured out, that if they restart the cash everything is running fine. Also it does not appear every day, it seems there is no pattern when the bug appears...

  • nor dollar appears here, luke:

    visible only within the font page
    Is a problem when you see the average number of pages browsed per user

  • Botio NikoltchevBotio Nikoltchev Posts: 28
    edited February 2019
    The issue is not on the front-page where all the users/fonts are listed (there was always just the lowest price per style and the X% of the promo in magenta). It appears on the particular font-page where the reduced price is shown in red. For example today:

  • Two days ago:

  • Just to clarify, is the problem that the price is showing in dollars instead of your local currency?
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,214
    The problem for me is the sale price not showing at all.
  • Yes exactly the problem is with the sale price not showing at all. Today:

  • Viktor RubenkoViktor Rubenko Posts: 76
    edited February 2019
    Yes. Discount only works only on the price per style but not entire family. Which is obviously a bug. But if you click on "Buying choices", it will be displayed.

    Also want to add:
    When discount ends, it is still displayed on the price for the whole family for some time.
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