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Hey All,

We recently became aware of this site: https://templett.com

They are basically a template marketplace and it's unclear if fonts can be uploaded as part of the template or not but I wanted to put this on everybody's radar if indeed this is something that needs to be addressed with their ownership.


  • There is a blog for sellers, which has a post about a Glyph panel: https://templett.com/sellers/new-font-glyphs-panel/

    This is one of the key contacts: https://disqus.com/by/traviscf/

    I've seen from one of the comments that 'Burgues Script' is available by Alejandro Paul, it's obviously not free - I'm hoping someone can 'school' me on how they can obtain use of this (or any other) font for their site?
  • Thanks Scott, we reached out to Travis and will see what he says . . .
  • If you go to https://templett.com/design/demo/PearlyPaperDesign/472680# select the template, click "Text", then "Add heading" you get the font menu. Adobe Garamond Pro is there, Edwardian Script and others but I don't see 'Burgues Script'
  • You're right there @Michel Boyer I can't see it on the preview, it's been mentioned on the comments of the blog post I shared above; I can't confirm or deny it's available first hand.
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    While many of the available fonts I recognize are ones which were released under some form of open license, the presence of Minion Pro, Adobe Garamond Pro, and ITC Edwardian Script does raise questions. Do they have a licensing arrangement with Adobe/Monotype for these? (I’m not inclined to track down all the fonts I wasn’t familiar with, so there may be other non-free fonts in that list as well)
  • It looks like 95%+ open source fonts. However, there are a few major exceptions, mostly already noted. 

    There are a couple of styles of Adobe’s Kepler in there as well, renamed "Pearly Paper Kepler Bold" and "Pearly Paper Kepler Italic" (no regular though, which is odd).
  • Thanks for the heads up on this website. I have just been in dialogue with someone in Templett support (they wouldn't give their name) and I have got them to remove my own fonts that a user had uploaded. The same user had also added Adobe Caslon Pro, Adobe Garamond, Gill Sans MT and Mrs Eaves. I was informed that each user can upload any fonts to the system for use in their templates – hence the abuse.

    I advised them to revise their submission process to not allow any further font uploads and stick to royalty-free typefaces.
  • Yup -- have been dealing with Templett since April of last year

    @Scott Briggs Templett is the server host for graphic designers, who are creating direct-to-customer digital templates. They then upload (with assets, including font files) to Templett, sell via Etsy and other 3rd party (4th party, at this point?) online retail outlets, and then send purchasers to Templett to edit their files. Customers are editing in real time/in-browser, and downloading the subsequent files as outlined PDFs or raster artwork. (Or so Templett claims. Color me skeptical, and as I've told them before: just because they aren't distributing font files doesn't mean serving font files is okay.)

    It's whack-a-mole. My two cents? Until enough of us band together to, or individually, threaten legal action, they'll continue to take advantage of the situation.
  • Maybe their subsidiary legal firm can provide some enlightenment on their position?
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