Opacity in color fonts?

Hi guys,
I was wondering if it's possible to make images like this one

into color fonts. I played a bit with the blending modes in Illustrator to get the effect.


  • embedded SVG will do it.
  • although with a lot of these, the resulting font will likely be huge. 
  • Roel NieskensRoel Nieskens Posts: 137
    edited January 2019
    OpenType SVG currently doesn't support blend modes, so you'd have to "flatten" those, but it does support opacity and gradients. The image above would work nicely in OpenType SVG.

    The complexity of the outlines most likely impacts the file size more than color/opacity data, by the way. Gradients are quite small in footprint and can be re-used, and in the case of WOFF(2) compress really well.
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