Slanted version instead of italic in PDF when generated via Adobe Acrobat MS Office 2016, Win 10

Hi, we designed a family consisting of 5 weights, each available as Roman and Italic, altogether 10 CFF OpenType Fonts.
Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic are style linked, also style linked in pairs of 2 are the other individual weights with their corresponding italic version (Semilight and Semilight Italic, Light and Light Italic, Medium and Medium Italic).
All style linking works on screen, the font menu works as expected on both Mac and Win. Only when exporting a Word Document (Windows 10, Office 2016) to PDF using Adobe Acrobat the Medium Italic is exported as a slanted version of the Roman version.
Does that ring a bell with anyone?
Any pointers are welcome.


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    Have you run the family (or at least the medium and medium italic) through the Adobe CompareFamily tool (from AFDKO)? That would be my first check.
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    Thanks @Thomas Phinney I did check and am still trying to see if an inconsitency with Mac platform Full Name name id 4) and CFF table Full Name is the cause. Though as I understand from the Report “this has no functional effect”
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    The name table entries don't cause the stir but it appears that the OS2 Weight values have an effect.
    These work: 300, 400, 700
    These do not: 450, 500, 550, 600
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